A Talent Agency Looking out for Melbourne Musicians

The bustling music scene in Melbourne and the busy lifestyle of the city can make it quite difficult for artists to break through in such a competitive industry. While you’re juggling your writing, you need to be able to effectively manage gigs, tours, and contracts. It is exhausting – we know. Creatives have to start somewhere, no matter how talented they may be, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Writing music is you. It’s what you’re good at. What we’re good at is fostering this talent of yours, creating something big out of it – getting you recognised as the superstar that you are.  While you’re producing top-tier music, we’re making sure that it’s heard by the right audience.

Professional Representation that doesn’t stifle you

We’re a small, young agency that understands the Australian music landscape, which means you don’t miss out on awesome opportunities. It also means we’re not a big corporate entity looking after our own wallets – we’re here to handle the stuff that might appear not-so-fun for many people (but we enjoy it).

While many artists and bands opt out for agencies, the team at PS are agents you can trust. We’re not here to charge you a portion of your earnings for a job that you can do on your own. Instead, we’re here to actually nurture your creativity and make sure you’re heard. We recognise talent when we see it, and we hate to see it squandered. We’re here to foster your sound and what makes you unique as an artist, so everyone else gets to enjoy it as much as we do.

Time to get in touch?

We’re here to make sure that slumps between gigs are a thing of the past. From there, we want to encourage as much growth as possible without you having to deal with piles of paperwork and hours of phone calls. Just keep on writing music that people enjoy!

PS have talent agents available throughout Australia’s eastern cities in addition to Melbourne, including Brisbane and Sydney, so get in touch and let’s get something good going!